Meal Prep Magic: Chorizo And Chickpea Skillet With Baked Eggs

Since when do chorizo and eggs have to be breakfast foods? To paraphrase Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, time is an illusion; breakfast time, doubly so.

Another game-changer: Alison Roman’s Dining In. The damn cookbook took us months to buy, it was so completely sold out. It’s well worth the wait. Almost immediately we found (and tested) recipes for every possible occasion: Bright salads, hearty pastas, and more. Reading Dining In has changed how we think about cooking.

Of course, meal prep (soo trendy right now) likely wasn’t what Roman had in mind for a book all about reclaiming the pleasure of cooking at home, but her main tenets—healthy, simple, “highly cookable” meals—lend themselves well to big batches of happiness.

Since we started cooking lunches ahead for the week, we’re always searching for the perfect one-pot meals: Relatively quick to throw together, healthy, and easy to eat in the office. That’s a tough template to tackle. We certainly aren’t immune to getting bored of the same old food after two or three spins in the microwave. In our mind, the best way to battle boredom is by packing in flavor, and by allowing for some variation.


Kateri already kept a burrito skillet meal prep recipe in her back pocket, something we may post here later. But Roman’s chorizo skillet is a step up—and it’s all because of the eggs. Cracking eggs right into the spicy skillet, and baking for just a few minutes as the whites soak into the mixture, transforms this simple stir-fry into one decadent dish. Don’t worry too much about getting pixel-perfect yellow yolks, though. It’s the egg whites doing the heavy lifting here.

We also can’t heap enough praise on how some freshly made, crunchy bread crumbs work their way into this dish. Roman has us convinced: We’ll always keep a bag of crumbs in our freezer, just in case. Make more than you need, though, because they make an addictive snack while you cook.

But if you’ll excuse us the intrusion, Roman, we have a few suggestions. Especially if you can find them on sale, one or two bell peppers help add some sweetness to counteract the spice (we usually up the heat anyways) and give you more veggie to balance the meat. And who can say no to some fresh avocado on top?


If you’re doing this skillet as a meal prep, pack a little greek yogurt or sour cream separately to mix in after you reheat—it’ll add acid and creaminess—and pack a handful of tortilla chips. You’ll thank us when you get that some chorizo, avocado, egg and chip all in one bite.

Get the recipe for Chorizo And Chickpea Skillet With Baked Eggs on Refinery29. Also, buy Dining In.

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